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General Questions 

1) How long does it take to service an amplifier, keyboard, mixer, speaker, DJ mixing and lighting equipment or any other type of unit? 

Triple S Inc. requires 10 business days to evaluate your unit for repair on the workbench. Once evaluated, if the unit does not require parts to be ordered, it may be completed on the workbench in 1-2 business days.

2) How much does it cost to repair an amplifier, keyboard, mixer, speaker, DJ mixing and lighting equipment or any other type of unit? 

Triple S Inc. charges $115 per hour of service time, plus the cost of any parts required. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required for work on all non-warranty units. The deposit is deducted from the final balance due when repair is complete.

3) I'm in a hurry to get my unit serviced. Can I rush the order? 

Yes. A RUSH order pushes your unit to the front of the workbench queue by the next business day. A RUSH order is an additional $75 per hour of workbench time ($190 per hour). If parts need to be ordered, they may be shipped overnight at customer's expense if the manufacturer has the part in stock.

4) Is my unit under warranty? Do I need a Bill of Sale? 

Warranties are different for each manufacturer. Refer to your owner's manual to confirm the terms of your warranty with the manufacturer. For warranty service, you will ALWAYS need a Bill of Sale to confirm the date of purchase. Also, feel free to call us directly with warranty questions as we may be able to save you some leg work.

5) Are there charges associated with warranty repairs? 

No, there are no charges for warranty repairs. HOWEVER, if there is damage that is not covered under warranty, such as physical damage to the unit, that will be charged directly to the customer independent of the warranty coverage. Check the terms of your warranty to confirm coverage. Some manufacturers carry variable warranty coverage. As an example, a manufacturer may cover labor for only one year, but will replace parts for two years.

6) What do you consider "Physical Damage"? 

Physical damage is defined as sustained damage to any part of the unit from dropping, or impact related problems (non-electrical). We can still repair the unit, but please be advised that a unit's warranty may be voided from physical damage requiring the customer to be charged for repair at normal rates ($115 per hour). Some examples of physical damage are: a damaged connector caused by somebody tripping over attached cables (AC, output, etc.), damaged keyboard keys, blown speakers from excessive power, etc.

7) Where are you located? 

Our facility is located in Bloomfield, NJ. Conveniently 30 minutes west of New York City, we are adjacent to the Garden State Parkway and Routes 3 and 46. For directions, please see our corresponding "Directions" page.

8) Can I ship my unit to you for repair? 

Absolutely! We welcome units of all sizes shipped from all over the world. For explicit shipping instructions, please see our corresponding "Send In Your Repair" page.

9) Do you make house calls? 

House calls are only authorized through special arrangements for units that can not be shipped or transported. Please refer to our "In Home Digital Piano Service" page for more information on terms and rates or call us.

10) Do you charge a storage fee if I don't pick up my serviced unit within 30 days of service completion? 

Yes. A storage fee will be charged for all completed units left over 30 days. Additionally, Triple S Inc. is not responsible for items left over 30 days including loss by fire or theft.

11) My unit is under warranty and you charged me. Why? 

We follow the manufacturer's warranty terms to the letter. Unfortunately, there are certain situations where, in order to service a unit, there are both warranty and non-warranty repairs necessary. Physical damage is NEVER covered under manufacturer warranty. If your unit had sustained physical damage (i.e. physically broken keyboard keys, blown speakers from excessive power usage, etc.) in addition to regular warranty covered failures, we will charge the customer for those non-warranty covered repairs. Also, most manufacturers do not reimburse for "No Failure Found" repairs. We will make every attempt to verify and repair any reported damage, but if the unit's problem is not able to be replicated and there is "No Failure Found" with the unit, we will charge a minimum bench fee of $50. Feel free to call and ask questions specific to your warranty terms. We are happy to explain all terms before you send your unit in for repair.

12) Why do you require a $50 deposit for non-warranty units? 

A $50 deposit is required to cover the bench fee for evaluating the unit for any necessary repair. The only way to establish the cause of the unit's failure is to place the unit on the workbench, open and test. This process takes valuable technician time and we would feel uncomfortable giving anything less than our undivided attention to the unit. Therefore, to cover the cost of our technicians, we charge a deposit up front to cover the technician bench fee. This deposit is then later deducted from the final balance of your service costs.

13) Do you still charge if you can't find a problem with the unit? 

We will make every effort to replicate and verify the stated problem with the unit, including calling the customer to verify failure conditions. Some warranty terms cover "No Failure Found" but if your warranty does not cover "No Failure Found" we will charge a bench fee of $50.

14) Will you call me with an estimate before you start to repair my unit? 

For warranty items, we will only call the customer if a necessary part has been back ordered from the manufacturer or if the unit has damage that is not covered by the warranty terms. For non-warranty repairs, estimates will be given if REQUESTED when dropping-off or shipping the unit in to our facility but a $50 bench fee will be charged to evaluate the damage. Please indicate your desire to have an estimate when dropping off the unit or on the packing list when you ship the unit to us. Please call if you have any questions or a special situation requiring clarification.

15) Can I send or write a personal check to cover the deposit? 

Sorry, personal checks are not accepted. Money orders, bank checks, credit cards and cash are the only accepted methods of payment for deposits or balances.

16) If my unit needs new parts, how long will it take to service? 

Triple S Inc. requires 10 business days to evaluate your unit for repair on the workbench. Once evaluated, if the unit requires parts to be ordered, completion of the repair is dependent upon the manufacturer's shipping of the new part. If the manufacturer has the part in stock, the unit will be serviced as soon as the part arrives.

17) I asked for a RUSH but parts have been back ordered. Will I still be charged the rush fee? 

RUSH status places your unit on the workbench for evaluation within a 24-hour period from when it arrives at our facility. If it is necessary to order parts from the manufacturer, there is no charge associated while waiting for parts. Also, repairs that require more than 2 hours of bench time are taken off of RUSH status.

18) Should I send my unit in to your address or call and get a claim number first? 

Please see our "Send In Your Repair" page for instructions on how to ship your unit to us for optimum processing. There is no need to call us first, provided you supply us with the required information for processing your order, but feel free to call with questions about your specific situation.

19) Should I ship with a specific carrier? 

Your choice of carrier is entirely up to you. We can receive packages from all major carriers. Please see our "Send In Your Repair" page for instructions on how to ship your unit to us for optimum processing.

20) Do you have pickup service in the metro NYC and Philadelphia areas? 

Yes. We provide pickup and delivery service for music retailers on a weekly basis. If you want to bring your repairs to a local music instrument retailer, ask them if they use Triple S Inc. for their service needs.

21) Do you make house calls for home organs or church systems? 

Please call us for information or to make special arrangements regarding large systems that require repair. Also, please refer to our "In Home Digital Piano Service" page for more information on terms and rates.

22) Once service is completed, can you ship the unit back to me COD? 

Yes. We can ship your unit back to you through a COD carrier such as Airborne Express provided the unit came to our facility with necessary packing materials (original box, foam, etc.).

23) How can I check on the status of my unit service? 

Feel free to call our facility or email us for information regarding the status of your repairs. Please have your invoice number or phone number ready so our representatives can easily locate your service information.

24) I brought my unit to a local musical instrument retailer who sent it to you. Can I check on the service status with you? 

Yes. You can always call or email for status updates. In most cases, the retailer will have their own customer number for your service order. Please have that number ready for our service representatives to more easily assist you.

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