Many people make the same mistake when replacing their original woofer with a replacement speaker. The common thought is, "if I install a bigger woofer it will last longer and give me more power." This theory fails 99% of the time. Pushing 500W from your power amp into your 1000W woofer does not make it sound better. Woofers usually sound the best when they are perfectly matched with a power amp with similar RMS ratings.

If your amp puts out 500WRMS per channel, your woofer should be rated around 500WRMS. Sometimes, overrating your woofer by 50-100WRMS can be a good idea and can sound great in your cabinet. The peak power rating of the power amp rating is NOT your RMS rating. Your amp rating should specifically say RMS rating. As a rule of thumb, the RMS rating is generally half of the peak power rating.

When looking for a good match for original speaker, be sure to match the cabinet size to the new woofer. Speaker specifications are mostly given in cubic feet. This can be done by calculating the cabinet size in cubic inches (Length x Width x Depth.) Divide the number of cubic inches by 1728 (which is the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot.) You will now be able to find the best new woofer to give you the best sound from your cabinet. Any woofer will sound best when given the proper back pressure from the cabinet.

There are many other factors that play a big role in finding a great replacement woofer for your cabinet. The number of folds in the surround of the speaker plays a role in how the woofer will respond to frequencies other than lows or mid-lows. Less folds will give the cone a tighter response and will be better suited for a low frequency/subwoofer application. More folds will give a wider response which will be better suited in a two-way (woofer and tweeter) cabinet.

At this point you should have enough information to start looking for a good replacement woofer.

RMS power Rating of your amplifier at given O Volume (cubic feet) of the cabinet you will be installing your new speaker into. O of the original woofer

Eminence gives a great deal of information for the replacement speakers they offer through their authorized dealer network, of which Triple S is a proud member. Replacement Eminence speakers can be purchased from our website or by calling us at 973-748-4025.

If you properly match your new woofer to your system, you will find that your new replacement speaker will last a very long time and will give you a perfect response from your cabinet.

Please feel free to contact our Tech staff with your questions.