ONLY attempt this if you feel 100% comfortable removing the cover of your unit as there are EXTREMELY HIGH VOLTAGES which can cause shock and possibly DEATH!!! Also remember that when you remove the cover you will VOID any warranties!

Many Internal memory circuits are backed up with a coin cell battery. When your unit is powered off, this battery allows your unit to retain your preset memory and/or custom sounds. The most common type of coin cell battery for this application is a CR2032.

Once the bottom cover or top casing of your unit has been removed, look for a battery holder. These are the most common types of holders.

If you have custom memory and don't want to lose your settings/sounds, be sure to back up your data before replacing your battery. Backing up is the only way to guarantee that your data will not be lost.

These batteries can be replaced while your unit is on and you will not have to reload your data. When the battery is removed while your unit is powered on, the internal supply lines keep the memory intact and the battery can be removed/replaced without losing any data. If the battery is removed while your unit is powered off, all of your data will be lost and the unit will have to be reset to factory presets. PLEASE NOTE; Only Coin Cell Batteries in holders can be removed while unit is not. Circuit Board Mounted batteries that are soldered to the board CAN NOT be pulled out while unit is running as this will damage the circuits.

If your battery is draining extremely quickly, there may be a problem in the memory circuit which would have to be serviced by our qualified technicians.

The average life expectancy of a coin cell battery in an audio circuit is 5-8 years. The expected battery life can be determined by measuring the current (milliamps) that the memory circuit is drawing from the battery.

Dividing the rated capacity (mAh) of the new battery by the current draw will yield the expected life of the battery. For example, the memory circuit is drawing .004 milliamps from a battery rated at 235 mAh . 235 mAh / .004 mA = 58,750 hours The expected battery life would be 58,750 hours.

The total number of hours can be divided by 24 to give the total number of days. The total number of days can be divided by 365 to give the total number of years that can be expected. 58,750 hours / 24 = 2,448 days 2,448 days / 365 = 6.7 years